Considering A Used Vehicle That Was Involved In An Accident? 4 Questions To Ask

Considering A Used Vehicle That Was Involved In An Accident? 4 Questions To Ask

5 October 2017
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On average, there are 6 million vehicles that are in an auto accident every year in the US. For those that are shopping for a used vehicle, this means that there is a potential that one of the vehicles you are interested in has been involved in an accident. Is this enough to walk away from a potential purchase? Chances are that the vehicle may be perfectly fine. Here are several questions to ask about the vehicle.

Is There A Vehicle History Report?

When looking at used vehicles, you should try to see a copy of the vehicle's history that is tied to the VIN. There are several companies that offer this service, and they can tell you of accidents the vehicle has been in and any major repairs that needed to be done over the years. This will let you know exactly what you are dealing with when it comes to a used vehicle.

Keep in mind that these history reports do not always cover all of the vehicle's history, but it is a good start. Any work or accidents that are unreported will not show up on a history report.

Was The Vehicle Towed Away After The Accident?

If the vehicle was reported to be in an accident, look for any indication that there was major damage to the vehicle. Sometimes the report will even say that the vehicle needed to be towed away. This indicates that the vehicle was not drivable after the accident and that major repairs needed to be done to get running again.

Was There Only Cosmetic Damage To The Vehicle?

If minor damage was reported, it's possible that it could have only been a small fender bender. Cosmetic damage is nothing to be concerned about if it was fixed in a way that looks seamless on the vehicle.

Can You Have A Mechanic Inspect The Vehicle?

When purchasing a used vehicle, you should take the time to have the vehicle inspected to look for indications of the repair work. It's possible that the vehicle was replaced with brand new parts, making the vehicle better off than what it was like before.

Sometimes the seller can even supply proof of repair work through invoices. This will tell you which auto shop did the work, and it was done by a respectable company, you should have no concerns about the quality of the work.

With these things in mind, you'll be sure to find a quality used vehicle. For more information, contact companies like SZ Motor Cars.