Are You Considering Buying A Vehicle For Your Teenager?

Are You Considering Buying A Vehicle For Your Teenager?

6 October 2017
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Has your teenager shown that he or she is responsible enough to own his or her own vehicle? Perhaps he or she has been sharing your car or your wife's car and you've decided that the time is right to get your teen his or her own wheels. Whether your son or daughter needs transportation for school, work, or for taking to college, from considering a car to thinking about buying a truck, here are some ideas on proceeding with your plan to buy a vehicle for your teenager.

Have A Frank Discussion -

Even though you've already decided that your son or daughter is responsible enough to own his or her own vehicle, there's still more to talk about. Think of sitting down together to talk about questions that need to be answered.

  • For example, who will pay for insurance and gasoline?
  • Will owning a vehicle include extra responsibilities?
  • For example, will you teenager be responsible for helping to drive younger siblings?
  • How will the vehicle be maintained to keep it in tip top shape?

Think of writing down on paper what all of your expectations are. It's not a bad idea to have you and your teenager sign the paper. Put a date on the document to make it more formal. Keep the document you have created together in a safe place, just in case you need to refer to it at a later date.

Shop For The Right Vehicle -

  • Think about what the vehicle will be used for.
  • Does your son or daughter need to haul things?
  • For example, if he or she does lawn work for extra money, consider buying a truck.
  • Ford, Cherolet and Toyota all have great trucks that will serve many purposes.
  • Think of talking to a sales person who can give you ideas on the best vehicle to purchase.

Of course, if your son or daughter doesn't need a truck, the sales person can also direct you to great smaller vehicles. Just remember, the less seats the vehicle will have the less people that your son or daughter will be carting around. A truck might be just the right vehicle for either your son or daughter, as there is limited space for extra passengers. That could be a factor when it comes to safe driving. Look at used vehicles to save some money. If you're not concerned about cost, think about buying a vehicle that has all the newest bells and whistles.