Four Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Truck

Four Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Truck

6 October 2017
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Buying a used truck will save you a bundle compared to buying new. But since the warranty has often expired and you don't have the same protections as with buying a new truck, you do have to be careful. Always ask these four questions when buying a used truck.

1. How has the truck been used?

A truck that has 50,000 miles of flat highway driving has had a lot less wear and tear on it than one that has gone 50,000 miles hauling a loaded 4-horse trailer. Always ask the seller how the truck was used, and if they can estimate how many miles the truck was used for towing versus unloaded driving. Look for a truck with more unloaded miles and fewer hauling miles. 

2. Why is the owner selling?

You want to buy from an owner who just decided they wanted to upgrade to a newer vehicle or who wanted to drive something different. You don't want to buy from someone who has been unhappy with the truck's performance or who is tired of making repairs — and has thus decided to sell the truck. Note that people in the second category won't always be honest with you about why they are selling. However, they will often stumble over their words or struggle a bit when you question them, whereas someone who is truly selling for a good reason won't have any trouble coming up with a straight answer.

3. How many previous owners has the truck had?

If possible, you want to find a single-owner truck. This means the owner can give you all information about maintenance and any repairs that have been done. If the truck has had a few owners, you'll have a hard time finding out how it was cared for early on. Plus, if a truck has been passed from owner to owner, there may be a good reason — it could be a lemon that requires frequent repairs.

4. How has the truck been modified?

A lot of truck owners like to make modifications to their vehicles, such as changing the exhaust system or upgrading the suspension. It's important to know what modifications have been made to the truck so you can more accurately assess its value. A truck that has had $10,000 worth of modifications is usually worth more than one that still has all factory parts. Plus, if you don't like certain modifications, you always have the option of selling the mod parts and having stock parts put back in place.