The First Car: A Parent's Guide To Getting The Right Car For A Teen

The First Car: A Parent's Guide To Getting The Right Car For A Teen

6 October 2017
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If you're hoping to get a good first car for your teenager, you might be feeling nervous. Not only is the car an investment, but it also adds danger and expense. Here are some things every parent should consider when shopping for a teen's first car:

1. Safety.

Safety is the main concern of many parents. Safety features like anti-lock brakes are mainstays in most new and used cars these days, but modern safety features go beyond this. Traction control can help your teen navigate tricky conditions, and back up cameras can help your teen be more aware of parking and reversing, which are both challenging for new drivers. You might even prefer a car that will not turn on unless the driver seatbelt is done up. 

Another element to consider is the number of passengers. Larger vehicles like SUVs and minivans may be less likely to be totaled in an accident, but they also carry more people. Studies show that the chances of a teen getting into an accident increase drastically with every additional person in the car. A vehicle like a two-seater coupe or a little truck might be better because the number of passengers is naturally restricted. 

2. Cost

Many parents don't want to spend too much money on a car for a teen, simply because the risk of an accident is greater and newer, nicer cars are often more costly in insure. It's important to find the balance between cheap and safe. Move toward trusted brands that still maintain their value even after the mileage starts getting high. Make certain safety features a priority, but don't pay extra for distractions like dashboard devices and navigation systems that can become distractions for inexperienced (and experienced) drivers. 

3. Longevity

Even though cost and safety are the biggest concerns for most parents, you also want to consider what the car will do in the future. For example, does your teen hope to go to college? Are you hoping this car will last through college with minimal ownership costs like major repairs? In this case, a higher upfront price for something a bit newer may be worth it. If your teen is hoping to get into a trade or start a business, maybe a pickup truck might be a good investment into a future as a journeyman carpenter, plumber, or welder. 

For more information on choosing a car for a teen, contact a local car dealership in your area. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.