3 Reasons To Go With A Pre-Owned Pickup Truck

3 Reasons To Go With A Pre-Owned Pickup Truck

11 October 2017
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If you're in the market to purchase a truck and you're not sure if you so get a new vehicle or a pre-owned model, here are some convincing reasons to go with a used car. Buying a pre-owned Ram pickup will have you driving on the highway as well as off-road in a dependable vehicle. With all of the new and previously owned pickups listed for sale at one time, it can be majorly overwhelming for the inexperienced buyer. Look at these three top reasons to purchase a certified pre-owned truck so that you can decide on exactly what kind of vehicle you'll be driving soon:

1. Certified Pre Owned Trucks Are Backed by Warranty - Whether you're about to buy a pre-owned Ram with 20,000 miles or a truck that's about to hit the 200,000-mile mark, certified pre-owned cars always come with a warranty. Test out your truck and note if there are any mechanical problems covered under warranty to have them all fixed at no additional cost to you. Your warranty may cover the first 3,000 miles or you could choose a pre-owned truck that is still covered by the original warranty. In either case, cars that come with warranties are always a better buy for consumers.

2. Newer Trucks Have More Features - When you buy a newer certified pre-owned truck you get pretty much all of the features and technology that are currently available to car consumers. That means WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth comparability, backup assist cameras, anti-lock brakes, and more at a price point that's significantly higher than the going rate for brand new cars. Get a pre-owned Ram pickup that has lower monthly car payments as well as more reasonable insurance rates compared to the price of a truck that has just come off of the assembly line.

3. Access to a Detailed Service History - Anytime you purchase a used vehicle you should attempt to learn what it's exact history is from the time that it came off the assembly line to present. Cars that have only had one owner are usually easy to get complete service history records on, and brand new vehicles come with a completely clean slate. By browsing through certified pre-owned Ram pickups you will automatically know that your choices are all top picks. Find out when your pickup last had an oil change as well as what major repairs have been made so that you can plan for preventative maintenance at the correct times.