4 Tips For Repainting A Used School Bus For Church Use

4 Tips For Repainting A Used School Bus For Church Use

10 October 2018
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If the members of your church have decided that it's time for your church to have a bus, you could be thinking about looking at used buses for sale. This is a good way to buy a bus that is perfect for your church's use but that will not take too much of the church's budget. Of course, after you purchase the used school bus, it will need to be painted. These are some tips that can help with this process.

1. Have Body Damage Repaired First

If the used school bus that your church purchases has any body damage, such as dents, it's a good idea to have them repaired before you have the bus painted. After all, you probably want for the bus to look nice and to reflect well on your church. Plus, repairing body damage will help prevent rust from being a problem on the bus later.

2. Choose a Different Color

One major thing that your church will need to decide when purchasing a used school bus is what color you are going to paint it. The laws in your state might require you to repaint the bus in a color that is not similar to the shade of yellow that is used on school buses in your state. Even if this is not a requirement, you will probably want to paint the bus so that there is no confusion. White is a popular choice for church buses, but you can choose another color if you would like.

3. Cover Up Old Markings

When having your used school bus painted, make sure that special attention is paid to any markings that might be on the school bus when your church purchases it. For example, the name of the school system that used the bus, the bus number painted on the side, and other identifying markings should all be covered up.

4. Add Your Church's Name

In some areas, churches are required to add the name of the church that will be using the bus after painting. Even if this is not something that is required, you might still want to do it so that you can share the word about your church with the people who see your bus. Along with adding the church's name, you may want to add the address, phone number, and website URL to make it easy for those who might be interested in visiting or contacting your church.

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