Open, Closed, Enclosed, Flatbed, Utility, And More: Know Your Trailers!

Open, Closed, Enclosed, Flatbed, Utility, And More: Know Your Trailers!

27 April 2019
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Buying a trailer is not as simple as you might think. Trailer sellers such as Ace Trailer Sales have more than one kind of trailer for you to consider. There are so many different kinds of trailers that you first must consider exactly what it is you intend to haul behind your vehicle. To really get to know your trailers, types are highlighted and described below. 

Open Trailers

Open trailers are just that: open. They may or may not have rails or half-fences around their perimeters, but they are mostly open and exposed to the elements. If you are hauling things that can get wet without being damaged, then an open trailer is just fine. 

Closed Trailers

Closed trailers have high, interlocked steel and wood rails and walls. The rails and walls prevent anything under three or four feet from sliding off of the trailer and onto the roads. They also provide places to connect ropes, tie-downs, and bungee cords to make objects really secure on board. If you haul things like yard equipment, lawn tractors, household appliances, etc., then a closed trailer should work for your needs perfectly. 

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers are fully enclosed with walls, roof, and insulation. In general, they are used for storage, and some specialty enclosed trailers can haul animals and riding tack or feed for said animals. Whatever it is that you do not want exposed to the elements and protected by walls and insulation is effectively protected via an enclosed trailer (and that includes motorcycles and dirt bikes too). 

Flatbed Trailers

Almost all trailers actually qualify as flatbeds, but their unique features also categorize them as a special kind of flatbed trailer. A true flatbed has no walls or railings and has a very sturdy and durable flatbed floor. Flatbeds are varying lengths, and there are even drop-bed flatbeds and double-drop-bed trailers. Usually, flatbeds are made for hauling heavy loads long distances, for transporting motorcycles and cars, and for hauling construction supplies, but it depends on the length and intended purpose. 

Utility Trailers

Utility trailers haul giant spools of cable and wire, lumber/wood poles, and anything else a utility company needs to haul to a specific location. You probably are not going to need or be interested in a utility trailer unless you want to strike out on your own into construction and the like. Still, it is good to know what these trailers do.