4 Must-Have Features For Your Next Vehicle

4 Must-Have Features For Your Next Vehicle

9 November 2021
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If you are in the market for a new vehicle, there are some features that you just can't pass up. These are a few features that make it worth investing all that money in a brand-new vehicle because they allow you to access the best features possible.

1. Remote Start

Remote start has been around for a while, but it still isn't a standard feature on all vehicles. With remote start, you can turn on your vehicle without being in your vehicle. Remote start is particularly nice if you live in a really hot or cold climate and want to control the temperature in your vehicle before you get into it. Look for a remote start that allows you to do more than just start your car; look for one that allows you to control various functions remotely as well.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control

If you like to take long road trips or if you commute for work, adaptive cruise control is a must. With adaptive cruise control, your vehicle uses radar to determine what is in front of you. The radar will slow your vehicle down if the flow of traffic slows down. This allows your vehicle to slow down and accelerate with the flow of traffic on its own. You will need to monitor what is happening, but this can take a lot of stress on your legs and feet when driving long distances in heavy freeway traffic. 

3. Fast Charging USB Ports

Smartphones, tablets, and technology are not going to go away anytime soon, which is why you want a vehicle with fast-charging USB ports. With a USB port, you don't need to use a converter to charge. With a fast-charging USB port, you will get more amperage per hour, allowing you to actually recharge your phone at a reasonable rate. A regular USB charger could take hours to recharge your phone, which isn't all that helpful. With a fast-charging USB port, you could get a nice charge on your phone while driving to work.

4. Auto-Dimming Mirrors

Auto-dimming mirrors are really a simple feature, but they can make driving so much more comfortable. With auto-dimming mirrors, you can reduce the glare on your rearview and side mirrors from the driver's headlights behind you. If you drive at night at all, this can make night driving so much more comfortable for you. Getting rid of glare will also allow you to see the road better.

When looking for your next vehicle, look for one with remote start, adaptive cruise control, fast-charging USB ports, and auto-dimming mirrors. These are four simple features that you will be grateful to have in your vehicle for years to come. For more information, contact a local dealer, such as a Ford car dealer, near you.