Why Are Tall Seating Positions Preferred?

9 February 2019
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If you've never driven an SUV before and are used to only the standard seating heights you find in passenger cars, it may seem odd to find tall seating positions listed as a plus in vehicle descriptions. Obviously you're going to sit up higher in larger vehicles, but wouldn't that make it harder to get into the vehicle? If you're looking at a description for a subcompact crossover, no. In fact, a tall seating position has to do with where the seat is placed in the vehicle, not how tall the vehicle is, and it really is an advantage. Read More …

Four Safety Features To Look For In Your Next Used Vehicle

28 November 2018
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Buying a used car doesn't mean that you need to compromise on safety features. You can get a used car that is less than five years old and has all of the newest safety features. Here are four safety features that you should be able to find in a used car that is less than five years old. #1 Autonomous Emergency Braking An autonomous emergency braking system lets you know when you are at risk of getting into an accident. Read More …

4 Tips For Repainting A Used School Bus For Church Use

10 October 2018
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If the members of your church have decided that it's time for your church to have a bus, you could be thinking about looking at used buses for sale. This is a good way to buy a bus that is perfect for your church's use but that will not take too much of the church's budget. Of course, after you purchase the used school bus, it will need to be painted. Read More …

Things To Consider When Buying A Family Vehicle

22 July 2018
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If you're in the market for a new car but want to make sure it will fit the needs of your family, you might not know where to begin. Most sedans, SUVs, and crossovers offer similar features, and you won't know how it suits your family until you start using it. However, there are some things you can look for when buying a vehicle intended for family use that will make some makes and models stand out more than others. Read More …

Buying A Car After You Retire? 3 Tips For Selecting The Perfect Car

18 May 2018
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Purchasing a car can be an exciting experience since it can be a big purchase that can change your daily lifestyle due to how often you use your car. If you're in the process of retiring from your job or have recently retired already, you may be thinking about switching to a different car. Instead of attempting to go out and choose just any car that suits your budget and looks great, there are several things that you should keep in mind so that the car you pick will be a great fit. Read More …